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The NUIFC is fighting to make sure that Census 2020 correctly counts Indian country by working with our partner centers to make the invisible, visible. As the original people of this land, it’s imperative that our communities are counted fairly and accurately by the government, which has fallen short over the national’s headcount history in this area.  

The 2010 Census reflected a 4.8% undercount of the American Indian and Alaska Natives, nearly triple the amount of all other race undercounts. These failures around the census manifest themselves in our community, leading to unjust polices based on flawed date, a shortfall of resources, and a lack of representation in the decision-making process. These repercussions are something our community knows all too well and is why the NUIFC and our partners are laser-focused that Indian country, from coast to coast, are visible in 2020. 

 Our Census 2020 strategy is built around the idea that our centers know the best way to connect with and accurately count their communities. We are supporting 17 Indian organizations across the country, helping them spread the word about the importance of the census and dispelling the justifiable distrust around the US government. Tactics will range from door-to-door outreach, targeted social media campaigns, a presence at community events, helping the Census Bureau hire Natives to ensure a better perspective around this challenge, and working with leaders to help spread the message. 

The following organizations are partnering with the NUIFC on this project:

For more information around the NUIFC’s thoughts and work on the census, including some steps a few centers are taking around this work, check out the June edition of our eNewsletter.